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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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all those candles... >> only 21 on my cake! >> at look at live doppler hd and it is bone dry this morning. and getting cooler by the moment. the clouds are clearing. you can see how nice and dry it is. 36 to 49 is the temperature spread at 7:00. by noon, 53 to 55 with increasing sunshine. dry air this afternoon. 55 to 57. a minor breeze develops at 7:00, 48 to 52. we will look at how much colder it will be next week after a big warming trend, seeing possibly 70 this weekend. atraffic is moving along interest san francisco but you have to get through this. we are looking at heavy traffic, stopped right now, westbound 80 approaching the treasure island tunnel. it is because we have a report of burlap bags all over the roads. c.h.p. is running a traffic break to get it cleaned. i think all lanes will be opened shortly but expect slow downs.
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fog in the central valley to the tri-valley this morning. it has thinned out the last 30 minutes. i don't think it will be a major factor. >> bart directors are voting today on major spending in the case of a major. >> average said the transbay tube needs an upgrade to keep us safe. >> amy hollyfield is at the embarcadero. >> riders are saying they cannot believe the price tag. they like the idea of being safe in the transbay tube at all costs. bart is talking of spending $287 million on the transbay tube to make it safe in event of earthquake. riders say that sounds good. >> a it should be safe as it be. the money should be spent. i would not want to be stuck
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without a way to get out. >> the board will vote today at the regular meeting. a spokesperson said this would prepare the tube for a thousand year event meaning an earthquake so large it only happens every thousand years. this would use the earthquake safety bond money and set for 9:00 this morning. if this passes, it would not be started for a year and a in june of 2018 because of the preparations. >> developing news in the south bay, inmate whose broke out of the santa clara jail are waking up in new cells. rogelio chavez was dangerren into custody last night after a 7 1/2 hour long stand off.
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the sheriff deputies filed tear gas into the condo and chavez was hiding in the arctic. carla fernandez, a friend, who lives in the condo,s with arrested. chavez and campbell and two other inmates broke out of jail a week ago. >> and keith lap company -- keith papini is giving the first interview about his wife's account of what she went through and how she was let go 150 miles away from home on thanksgiving day. she ran to the friend, drivers kept passing her by. >> she screamed and coughed up blood in and trying to get someone to stop and again, another sign of how my wife is, she is so wonderful, she said,
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well, maybe people aren't stopping because it hook like i broke out of prison and tried to tuck in the chain. >> it is stunning information. after two days of intense interviews detectives say show revealed more say the two women spoke spanish, and concealed their faces from her. you can watch the full exclusive interview with keel papini tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. on "20/20." and investigation of assault involving napa high school football players in november. after interviewing players it appears hazing took place during the 2015 and 2016 seasons. police are not releasing much information over the need to protect the identity of minors. a small group is involved. the direct is investigating and sent a letter home to parents. >> we are asking our students and parents and our community to let the investigation happen and to try to keep speculation,
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rumors, information sharing to a minimum. >> detecters are asking then with in, to come forward. >> the person who shot and killed a san francisco department of public works employee painting over graffiti is still out there this morning. germane jackson was the father of two, and part of a program designed to keep kids a were from gangs he was shot in a drive-by shoot at 25th and vermont yesterday morning. jackson died a short time later. >> for someone to roll up and shoot a person in the back that is working, they are a coward. >> jackson's grandmother said her grandson was trying to continually live around. police have not revealed a motive. >> the latest name thereon out for a position in the trump cabinet is sarah palin for
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veterans affair. the v.a. is the largest government agency over 300,000 federal employees and next federal employees and next year's budget is $ in michigan yesterday and in pennsylvania on monday. pennsylvania on monday. lgbtq members welcome message showing disagreement with his thinking. in january, he will move down the road to the v.p. mansion so far, no comment from the trump transition team or mr. pence. >> an update with jessica castro. >> we have breaking news. hillary clinton's lead in the popular vote just passed 2.5 million according to the "new york times" and put that in perspective give times al gore lead over george bush in the
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year 2000. it does not change things but shows the concentration of democrats in the west coast so the west coast and the east coast. again, it doesn't change much but recount is happening and the milestone really breaking right more than 2.5 million in the lead in popular vote. >> thank you. free tickets, an ethics watch dog group is call, out oakland for receiving free admission to warriors games. >> new concerns of the future of a spot in san francisco and what will be done to try to save a popular spot. popular spot. stay
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>> now, the forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> today is how cold it will be, in menlo park, 37. 40 in redwood city. everyone else in the mid-40s and half moon bay at 37 degrees. same temperature in san ramon, livermore and napa at 36, and santa rosa is 34 and oakland is 43 and 48 in san francisco. light breeze on the water, fog
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this morning on the road, exercising, it will be dry. upper 50s to 60. low-to-mid 60s tomorrow and low 60s nearly 70s on saturday. i will show you cooler weather ahead. alexis? >> good news if you are crossing the bay bridge it is heavy through the bay bridge toll plaza but the problem beyond this has improved significantly, so, i watched the police escort fully clear westbound 80 on the or side of the treasure island town and the bridge is looking better than 10 minutes ago. the drive time is 22 minutes. it will reduce quickly. we will be back to normal drive times. the south bay is next. >> thank you. happening today the san francisco planning commission will hear new information on how to keep ocean beach, a beach. it has been eroding over the years and vulnerable to rides sea lives and erosion because much of the beach is below sea level.
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the master plan was passed and they want to update the plan with specific actions to combat rising sea level. >> coming up next, a hack that could affect you if you have an droid. all the effort to make a boy's dream a reality as he battles cancer. cancer. >> you c it was hard enough findibut the perfect ring? there's no pressure there. you found the perfect girl. now let me and the diamond experts at zales
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>> officials at cirque du soleil have not said when or if their san francisco show will resume following the debt of a co-founder's son. the performers are mourning the loss of the 43-year-old hit in the head by an aerial lift before the she on tuesday. cirque du soleil canceled the performance at at&t park on tuesday and wednesday nights. san francisco police and members of osha are investigating the tragic accident. >> software security experts say a new malware affected more than a million droid phones that run on older droid operating system. on older droid operating system. it is called inflating their reputation. google has blocked 150 version of the attack anden watching consumers to stay away from
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uncertified apps. >> oakland's ethics mission has a word for the policy of using a word for the policy of using free tickets to wears bankrupt. no one benefits but the officials. they are used in there is a clearly stated purpose but it is rarely justified. they have free use at the stadium. >> when a boy with leukemia a wish he was inspiring. >> he wanted to do something different and take his mine east illness. he got a police motorcade and he went through training scenarios involving big explosives. the mother spoke of his day.
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>> the whole experience is something we will never forget and it is completely overwhelming and we cannot say thank you enough. >> he met with members of the united states marine corps and the governor and prime minister. the boy was speechless andjected that this does not happen every day. >> you think? >> that is true for everyone involved in this. >> good forly. never seen anything like that. >> usually it is disney world or...hawaii. blow things up! love it. >> the sunshine is coming out today. it will warm us nicely the next couple of days. before we get do this we have fog. half mile visibility at the napa airport. we are at 12 and 29 come together to american canyon road and up to napa. we have fog floating around the altamont pass and livermore with visibility at 2.5 mile but as
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close aquarter-mile. today it is seasonal and you will need the sunglasses. not is chilly as this morning but the valleys which are sheltered. and the winter chill arrives next week with the cool of the temperatures all season. 56 at half moon bay. that is the cool spot. 58 to 59 in most areas. cloverdale and palo alto and san jose, highlighting you because you will reach 60 to 61. in san francisco we supposed to reach 61 at 10:00 we are at 52 hanging out in the mid-to-upper 50s from noon through 8:00. temperatures are staying in the 50s in the hills tonight because of the breeze and sheltered valleys like santa rosa and the rest of us in the 40s. temperature, mid-60s. low to a few upper 60s saturday and santa rosa could reach 70 on saturday before it turned sharply colder on monday.
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>> looking at things outside in the south bay we had flashig lights on southbound 101 at the 880 emergency but i watched it drive off so it was just a minor issue northbound side which is always heavier this time of day. on the maps we have had fog. it looks like it has thinned out. i have looked on the still cameras and it is not too bad. as for as visibility concerned. out of tracy at 16 but up to 30 at the altamont pass. southbound 680 highway 4 to walnut creek is 10 minutes. westbound 24 is another ten and and tracy to dublin is looking good. >> and michael finney is tackling a subject a lot of us are familiar with, student loan
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>> a crime in the north bay, police are asking for your help to find the 6' tall totem pole taken on friday night worth about $2,000 but it holds sentimentsal value because it used to mark her father's grave. all the ferry service is getting an upgrade with a 30 year use of agreement for the terminal so there will be two ten year extension options give the park service the opportunity to upgrade the structures between pier 31 and 33. this include as new cafe and retail shops and exhibits and they can make a third berth so that will increase ferry service for and from alcatraz. >> now, ask finney. alex from fremont has a question on student loans.
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"7 on your side" and michael finney has the answer. >> my question i am having a hard time paying off my financial aid through school and i wanted to know if there is a forgiveness program. >> it was great to met you at our event in fremont. look, there are a couple of options. can you get a government job or one with a nonprofit and in did you that and pay on time every month for ten years the rest of the debt is waived, a from deal. there is a program for teening in schools, that serve low income families, if do you that for five years, up to $17,000 in student debt can be forgiven. the rues are complicated and they are different from place to place to place so double check before taking a job the it is a great deal. good luck. happy holidays. >> michael finney want to hear your questions and at the fountain at broadway plaza at walnut creek to meet you and you
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ask your questions live on or social media # askfinney. construction is underway on a 280,000 square feet office building in san jose with 30,000 square feet of retail feet and signature plaza. developers say the high-rise will an congress the south end of santana row which is a place with a lot of restaurants and high-end stores. construction of what is none as 700 santana row is expected to be completed if late 2018. all the 6:30, releasing disturbing details about an take on his daughter at school. >> were you caught in the traffic nightmare last night? if you much, police want you to look at your car closely. >> breaking news on astronaut buzz aldrin part of a medical evacuation underway right now with new details about his
6:26 am
medical care. >> keeping an eye on the sky clearing out right now and that is why fog is forming, some dense fog and cooler conditions this morning. lowest visibility in napa at half moon bay, and 70s are possible before temperatures possible before temperatures tumble into the 50s for highs at lake tahoe. stay at lake tahoe.
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good morning, south bay, let's get going. this is abc7 mornings. >> it is friday eve. december 1. i am natasha zouves. >> you catch me. it is not friday! >> i am with birthday woman, jessica castro. and alexis smith, traffic reporter and meteorologist mike nicco. mike, it looks gorgeous but it is cool. >> cooler by the moment. the clouds are clearing and allowing the temperatures to drop off. we have not reached our lows yet. we have fog, and i will show you where it is with live doppler hd and all five of us can show you that. it is mainly up in napa at half mile and near the altamont pass. this is how it looks from the exploritorium, gorgeous, how about that? quick look at what is going on with the day planner, mid-30s to mid-40s and we will hang
6:30 am
out with increasing sunshine and mid-50s at noon, all the way through 4:00, slight breeze keeps us mild at 7:00 down to the low 50s. the breeze will bring us highs nearly 70. that is. coming up. >> if you are with us half an hour ago i was telling you of debris, burlap bags that someone lost all over the bay bridge on the westbound side beyond treasure island. we had a traffic break with all traffic stopped best tunnel and moving better now. we are still recovering. westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze is 37 minutes and 29 meant across the bay bridge. southbound we we to the airport is coming in at 10 minut >> two escaped santa clara jail main inmates in custody. the second man was found a week after breaking out of the main jail in san jose. matt keller is there.
6:31 am
matt? >> good morning, if you live in santa clara you could be waking up to a message on your phone. i got the same message from the santa clara sheriff. >> the police activity has concluded. there is no threat to public safety nor are there outstanding suspects. >> no more outstanding suspects. the santa clara county sheriff got their men. they sent out a tweet. it shows both of the suspects, the jailed escapes with the word "captured," over their faces on the mug shots. rogelio chavez was the latest to be arrested after 7 1/2-hour standoff at a condo in south san jose. our cameras were this as tear gas was fired into the condo more than once. why did it take so long to go in and get him? the sheriff explained it to us. >> caution. we thought he was in the house and wanted to make sure all deputies were safe and no one else was in the house.
6:32 am
we took our time and knew we warned everyone to be safe. >> deputies say he influence of drugs. a gun was found in the condo less than 24 hours after the other escaped inmate was arrested in antioch at his sister's apartment. the sheriff said more arrests could come if they find anyone who helped then mates after they escaped from the jail. if you have the abc7 news app you knew when rogelio chavez was taken into custody. to get news where you live with the latest news, down let the app. >> oakland police are investigating a shoot freeway shooting that crippled the
6:33 am
commute. a man and woman were hit in a car. part of the highway had to be shut down. the shooter was likely in another car. c.h.p. closed all of eastbound 580 for an hour and a half. look at the gridlock and the backup. the nine miles along to university avenue can i-80. oakland police have a message this morning for anyone stuck in the mess. >> check your vehicle. check to see if you have been a victim of one of the rounds hitting your vehicle. >> last check the man and woman who were shot were stable. >> a man is in custody this morning accused of hitting a pedestrian in san bruno and take off. police found a 42-year-old man undison the road on the side of the road. a few hours after the driver was arrested for felony hit-and-run. the man he it is suffered
6:34 am
significant injuries. significant injuries. >> keith patch pan about the thanksgiving day when his wife was found 150 miles from home. >> she was bound. >> she was bound. she had a chain around her head. she was chained when she was in a vehicle. >> the shasta county sheriff spoke yesterday about the investigation and he said she is being crinallous and cooperative. the sheriff confirmed she was branded saying it was not a symbol but a message. you can watch the full and exclusive interview with keith on "20/20," tomorrow night and followed by at
6:35 am
11:00. >> i have been following breaking news and buzz aldrin undergoing a medical checkup after requiring a medical evacuation while on a trip to the so the pole. we have just listened he does have a doctor with him the entire night from antarctica to new zealand and the doctor is part of the program of the uss antarctica oversee his care. his condition deteriorated while on the trip according to company in charge of trip. am christian is 86. the international association of tour operators in antarctica said the family has been notified. this is a new picture, he posted this right before his trip, before he when to the south pole and joked about the fact that he might be underdressed. in word in that has anything to do with it. last check the evacuation flight is still underway right now and it is the latest in the live desk. >> wishing him well. >> a stand off is offer in
6:36 am
takoma washington where a man shot and killed an officer responding to a domestic violence call. the 12-hour standoff ended when police shot and killed the suspect. we hear he tried to use two children as human shields at one point. both were unarmed and are being checked at a local hospital. the tack chemical hospital he is accused of killing died and he was on the force for 17 years. the father of a concord high school student said his daughter was raped after a football game with a rival school. >> it was rape. i hate to see it happen to anyone else's kids. >> his daughter is a student at a high school at a november 18 playoff game when hoot student lured her away and assaulted her. police arrested a 15 year old in connection with the crime. the administration at both schools sent notices to pans -- parents. >> i am hurt. i did not realize something like
6:37 am
this could happen. >> the full interview with the girl's father is posted on our website at >> the 49ers scheduled to meet with auditors in santa clara today to prove they are not using taxpayer dollars to pay for ever develops at levi stadium. the city council gave the 49 as breach of agreement letter last week give team 30 days to turn over financial documents showing how it was paying for non-nfl events such as concerts. the city council wants the team to prove they have not used taxpayer dollars to cover costs. the city is threatening to take over the stadium if they do not comply. they say documents have always been available. >> i got a text from natashaia reminding me that today is world aids day and to wear red. people all over the bay area and world will remember the day, raising awareness and remember those who passed on. and an opportunity to celebrate victories such as increased
6:38 am
access to treatment and prevention. later this morning, the aids walk san francisco foundation will present a check to a local aids organization and at noon a ceremony to around those who lost their lives part of the aids memorial grove in golden gate park. >> if is been to the million you know this is no more room to carve in names to those on lost their lives. as the grove has the 25th anniversary they are looking into new places for the names of the victims. organizers are interested in building a sidewalk of engraved bricks the right now the goal is to make sure that everyone gets tested. >> your act weather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> we will start in the south bay. temperatures are in the low-to-mid 40s. alum rock is 39. san jose is 43. cupertino, as well. 4 in redwood city and newark. mid-to-upper 30s in lafayette. and danville. and calistoga.
6:39 am
san francisco is 41. 42 in novato. in redwood city, temperatures are at 10:00 are 53 and never quite getting to the 61. we will be close an 60 at 1:30 or 2:00 and drop to 51 by 8:00. the rest of us 56 at half moon bay. and 58 to 61 elsewhere. 60 to 64 tomorrow. 60 to 70 is our warm of the day on saturday so a big cooling trend is on the way. i will show thank you and if rain is move in. >> a quiet morning. we are not come plaining. westbound 80 from the hercules area, around golden gate field it slows down at 20 miles per hour. approach the maze you are recalling and get up to the bay bridge toll plaza, no surprise at three miles per hour. basically stopped. this was not helped by earlier
6:40 am
issue westbound on the babe baby beyond treasure island we had bags spilled all over and they had to do a traffic break and stop the traffic to get it cleaned up. it has been cleared. the drive times are improving. southbound 680 is you will cracking along with nothing blocking all morning, typical value filling in. deck oh way and moving long better from the north by this morning southbound 101 over the golden gate bridge no issues. we will look at the rave times in less than continue americans. >> colombia authorities say the plane that crashed on monday with the brazilian soccer game on board ran out of fuel. investigators say the many was required to is at lost 30 machine of reserve fuel on continue of the gas needed to arrive from original scene to defendant in addition. 71 people were killed. and only six survived in stable condition. gaze are trying to find out why the crew allows the plane did take off without the necessary fuel. >> clean up efforts underway in eat everyone ten after 24 hours
6:41 am
of rain stopped the deadly wildfires. seven people have died since sunday. you can see the damage. 15,000 acres near the smoky mountains have burned. dolly parton is helping those not so lucky establishing a my people fund through her foundation. >> we want to provide a hand up to all familiars that have lost everything in the fires and to recover, we want to make sure that the dollywood foundation provides $1,000 a month to all the families that have last their homes in the fires until they get back up on their feet. >> there is a reason is everyone's favorite. thousands have been forced from their homes. >> a warning for everyone in california as we led into the holiday shopping season: keep a close eye on personal
6:42 am
information. >> bart transbay tube is about to get an update for earthquakes. >> not what was expected kayaking off the california kayaking off the california cost.
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kayaking off the california cost. kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they're twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love. say more with kisses deluxe.
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>> the latest name thrown out for a position in president-elect donald trumps cabinet is sarah palin. the former alaska governor is under consideration for secretary of veterans affairs. the v.a. is the largest government agency with more than 300,000 federal employees. next year's budget is $182 billion. sarah palin has not been to trump tower in magnitude earthquake she had discussions with the transition team. with the transition team. >> an editor for speak at berkeley and at uc davis and students have sent a letter to the administration voicing their opposition because of his ideas. >> there is a budget shortfall
6:46 am
for next year with bart, including a adequate are billion for retrofit for the tube. the ridership dropped for the first time in since years. they get 80% of revenue from tickets. meeting is at 9:00 a.m. >> there is a vote today on a major update for the transbay tube to keep riders safe in case of earthquake. people we talked to at bart embarcadero want the tube safe. no marry the cost. the proposal is to spend $287 million. this prepares the tube for a thousand year even, meaning an earthquake so big it only happens that often. the tube is too important to neglect. >> i ride bart all the time and it is important to me because
6:47 am
when the tube breaks down it is hard to get cross the bridge. it is important. >> the board is scheduled to vote at 9:00 a.m. and if approved it begins in a area and a half. >> repairs to the crumbling seawall at san francisco international airport will start next month, with photos provided byshowing a upclose look at the erosion. the damage is severe engineers say the seawall is in critical condition and likely to fail in the case of flooding. repair work will take two or three months. >> live desk update with jessica castro. >> a business in stafford, texas, exploded early this morning and caught fire. you can see it is destroyed. we learned the explosion could be heard for miles. it was not seclude -- it was secluded so there were no homes
6:48 am
destroyed. no one was hurt, no other structures were damaged. investigators have been out there for hours trying to figure out what caused the explosion. we learned there was heavy equipment loading inside and it may have sparked it. we will watch for updates and pass them as they come in. >> a warning for everyone: california is at a higher risk for i.d. theft compared to people in other states. here is the money report from jane king. >> good morning, yes, the people looking to steal our identities around the holidays with credit cards going all the time. the new steady said california is one of the worst states in the nation for i.d. theft, and number two worse, said california has the highest average amount for fraud and online i.d. theft. keep the passwords long and strong. gun owners are requested to stay at him when the office,
6:49 am
facilities or stores of levi, and the customer recently was hurt when a gun that aships with carrying accidentally fired. he said he is making a request, not a mandate. apple is offering a trade in on the apple watch but not for money. you can send in the old watch for recycling only. no gift card or store credit like with the iphone and ipad and mac. stocks are mixed but we have the dow hitting a new record high today so the dow and the s&p 500 are positive but the nasdaq is down. >> a couple celebrating a birthday got an unexpected gift. a friendly o testimony t are decided to hot on their kayak. he made him several comfortable letting someone else letting him get to the other side of the water. he looked look he was having a beyond time. we do not know how long he
6:50 am
hitched the ride. i think he just wanted to get out of doing it own paddling. very, very bright. all the otter looks good. and not happy. >> you don't this evening so? i don't think so. >> look at him, he is... >> the boat mascot. >> here is the question, we had wet weather, some people thinking that will help with the drought. mike? >> they are cold heart facts and nothing changed. although november and october ended up with a surplus of rain for the two months, drought has not changed in the last couple of weeks. we are still in the federally highest category of eastern contra costa county and alameda with 12% of the state in the northwest corner not in a drought at all. heading to fresno that is where the worst of the drought is, quarter-mile visibility to napa
6:51 am
to american canyon road, watch out for that, and we have fog through the altamont pass this morning, you can see the clouds are moving away as the storm is move away with it so get ready for sunshine and seasonal temperatures, clear department, breezy, temperatures in the 50s in the hills to 30s in the valleys, and a warm weekend with the cold of the air of the son to follow next week. 39 in santa rosa department, the rest of us had the 40s and the millions above 2,000' in the 50s. the seven-day forecast shows tomorrow about two- to four-degrees warmer. temperatures in general, low-to-mid 60s on saturday and the not bay including santa rosa and napa could hit 70. cooler breeze on sunday and a sharp drop in temperatures, 20s and 30s fog lows tuesday morning with highs only in the low-to-mid 50s. frosty then. low-to-mid? >> i did not have time to put this together but i am hearing of a crash involving a milk down
6:52 am
on southbound 101 get out of san francisco around caesar chavez. right now we are looking at fog if you are traveling through napa, american canyon, into vallejo and mike has been telling us about this, the lowest is around quarter-mile. heavy traffic westbound 4, pittsburg to concord down to 11 miles per hour. 23 miles per hour coming in on 680 to walnut creek. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza we are in refer regular mode because of debris beyond treasure island long gone and you are heavy through the maze. an update on the motorcycle crash next. >> from election to alexander hamilton. >> i-name is alexander hamilton. >> we will get it down because the hottest ticket is going on sale for a select group. >> we have been sing this for the past year and finally it is coming here march 14 through
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august 5. ticket for men express cardholders only. for everyone else, a week later. hip hop adapting of the life of alexander hamilton is so popular that a lottery for people who wait months or years. you have been warned. >> in longer "helpless." >> in longer "helpless." >> the sky's the
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>> these are the seven things you need to know. sheriff deputies re-captured last of the two inmates that break out of the santa clara county jail, rogelio chavez was arrested in san jose before 9:00 last night. after a 7 1/2-hour standoff at a condo. >> keith papini giving the first interview health insurance his wife was found on thanksgiving day. she had to hide chainses on her neck because cars would not pick her up. >> three, breaking news from the live desk, buzz am written is being evacuated from the south pole and is in stable condition. he went to antarctica two days ago with a tour group. a doctor is traveling with him. >> still trafficking the -- tracking the fog. temperatures are 34 to 48 at bus
6:56 am
stop. >> we have a crash southbound 101 in san francisco, light are side, with a motorcycle down unfortunately, and it is blocking the two last lanes with emergency crews just arriving. >> six, 49ers meeting with auditors after the city council gave them 30 days to turn over financial documents connected to levi stadium. they want the team to prove they are not using taxpayer dollars to cover costs. >> tim cook tweeting out how apple is celebrating world aids day during the white apple logo red. post your perks and video on social media #abc7now. great day to wear red. great day to be tested. we will see you in 25 minutes.
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if you can't afford your medication, astra zeneca may be able to help.


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